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Customer Service

Working at TeleTech is unlike anywhere else. Whether you are a front line customer service representative, workforce manager or marketing and operations executive, you are encouraged to treat the business as if it were your own. That kind of philosophy makes me feel valued.

Training and career growth for TeleTech employees

  • Over 2,000 agents promoted to date in 2015
  • Customer service agents traditionally receive over 160 hours of training in their first month
  • In 2014, TeleTech delivered over 6 million hours or training to our associates
  • Numerous trainings offered to improve customer service, technical support, sales and call handing
  • Certificates awarded for completion of courses
  • Experience a social learning experience through TeleTech's online community- Mosaic
  • Sofica was named the Offshoring Destination of 2015 at the European Outsourcing Association Awards.